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If you use, what is your access to support? Do you consult the online help or a book? Do you ask a colleague or friend? Can you call a corporate help desk? Do you really like the help you get?

Plan-B for is your ticket to mastering Plan-B is produced for real people not geeks.

Plan-B demonstrates functionality instead of documenting it.
Plan-B helps you find what you are looking for, because our search engine learns and understands your language.
Plan-B makes it easy to learn new functionality.
Plan-B is available when you need it, right on the Internet.
Plan-B saves you time.
Plan-B saves you frustration.
As my 70 year old mother says “Plan-B is software help for the rest of us!”

Read more about the benefits of Plan-B for individuals or for businesses.

Currently we are testing this new service in a free beta program. Expect to find errors and omissions. During this beta test we will frequently add content and functionality and ask you for feedback. Come back often to check for changes and enhanced features. For further details, refer to our terms-of-service and privacy-policy.

While in beta this service will be free of charge for personal use. If you like the service or have an idea to share, please let us know. We really want to hear from you.


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