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This is “Plan-B” for frustrated, non technical users of the Open Office productivity suite. A visual software manual with videos and a smart search engine.

Most software documentation is hard to understand for ordinary users. Those of us that are not computer wizards, but doctors, secretaries, shop keepers, plumbers, etc. complain “I don’t find what I’m looking for in the manual” and “If I find something in the documentation I have a hard time understanding it.” Many vent their frustration with sentences like “Why is this manual written in a foreign language?” If this does sound all too familiar, you are about to discover the solution.

This website “Plan-B for” offers professional technical support for in a manner that makes it easy for non technical users, to understand, discover and learn the features and how to apply them. It is designed with the following principles in mind:

Demonstrate rather than describe, through screencastsglossary-term marker ,
Understand the users’ language for searching the documentation,
Learn from users what they are looking for
Always available online – 24/7 Internet based

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